Essence of Hawaii

Essence of Hawaii is a production that showcases contemporary arts, fashion, music, and dance of Hawaii. Based on the elements of our nature (fire, water, and earth), EOH brings to life the old legends and new transformations of a modern Hawaii.  The production is a traveling collaboration that is ever-transforming, always bringing on board new creative additions to the show.

Essence of Hawaii was debuted in April 2010 at Contempo, a fundraiser gala for The Contemporary Museum of Honolulu.  A reception-style excerpt of the repertoire was showcased at Trump Waikiki in 2012.  It was re-visited as a reception-style production at the grand opening of Loading Zone Arts, an art collective and event space in Honolulu Chinatown. In June 2013, we collaborated with A Room of House for a highly acclaimed performance at The Modern Hotel in Waikiki.  The collaboration was later performed on tour in Shanghai, with a special glow in the dark body-painting twist to suit a crowd of Electronic Dance Music aficionados.

Length: 20 minutes (reception, interactive) ~ 120 minutes (DJ, dance and body-painting)


Reception Style Performance

DJ Concert