Original Paths

Original Paths is a reflective piece created to remind us of the joy of triumph over life’s challenges.  The work explores our intentions and reasons to dance, move and live. The work calls for dancers and audience members to remember their original paths: the passions that drive them to where they are, the challenges that build them up, and the simple joy of experiencing life to the fullest.

Original Paths is a collaborative project with some original music produced by DJ Maineframe.

The work has been performed at Kat Wildish Presents: Performing In NY Showcase at Alvin Ailey, and Fertile Ground at Green Space.

Length: 5 minutes

Choreography: Amanda Spilinga & Linda Kuo


*Original Paths is dedicated to Marjory Smarth, a friend, teacher, mentor, pioneer of House / Street dances, and our dance Queen forever.  “Live True, Dance Free”