Original Paths

Original Paths is a reflective piece that explores finding peace, love, and joy in chaos.  The work is a dedication to our mentor and ancestor, Marjory Smarth.  We strive to live up to Marjory’s wise words, “I love myself.  I do what I love.  I love those who love me.”  We encourage you all to join our journey of reflection to live life fuller, braver, and brighter with love.

Original Paths is a collaborative project with some original music produced by DJ Maineframe.

The work has been performed at Kat Wildish Presents: Performing In NY Showcase at Alvin Ailey, and Fertile Ground at Green Space.

Length: 5 minutes

Choreography: Amanda Spilinga & Linda Kuo


*Original Paths is dedicated to Marjory Smarth, a friend, teacher, mentor, pioneer of House / Street dances, and our dance Queen forever.  “Live True, Dance Free”