1. Why should I volunteer through this program?
    We believe the arts and dance have the ability to bridge communities through shared experiences, joy, and passion. Our program focuses as much on YOUR experience to share, as on your experience to learn.  By traveling with other artists and like-minded individuals, we hope to inspire each other, learn new skills, while empowering communities we are reaching out to.  We believe through this reciprocal process, we are empowered to become better artists and community leaders.
  2. If I’m not an artist or dancer, can I join the tour?
    YES, ABSOLUTELY!  Our volunteer tour is for everyone to share and learn together.  Not the artsy type but great with making sure everyone’s on time and learning about a new culture or skill? You’re perfect for the tour!  In addition, our partner in Thailand offers English language classes to village kids.  If you’d love to help build the children’s foreign language skills, we would love to have you!
  3. I am an artist / dancer!  What can I teach?
    We are looking for artists and dancers of all types!  The Nepal tour has a strong emphasis on Hip Hop and street cultures, but the organizer is open to other art forms!  For Thailand, we have a little bit more flexibility on the types of activities we can arrange. Some activities we are planning include skate-boarding and computer graphic design!
  4. If I pay the Program Fee, is it guaranteed that I can teach?
    Unfortunately the program fee doesn’t guarantee a teaching spot, especially in Nepal.  We LOVE enthusiastic volunteers, but we also are being mindful about respecting the needs of the communities we are serving, and the organizations we are working with.  But rest assured that we will guarantee a great sharing / learning experience for you.
  5. Do I have to go to both Nepal and Thailand? What if I can only go to one?
    Volunteers can choose going to EITHER Nepal or Thailand.. or BOTH!
  6. How many volunteers will be a part of the tour? 
    We limit the experience to 10 volunteers for each destination to make sure you receive the best administrative and tour support possible.  We also want the experience to be intimate enough for all volunteers and artists to truly share with each other.  In Nepal, we will be a part of the bigger group, All The Way Live, where there will be another 30+ volunteers.  However, our program director will be dedicated to YOU to ensure you have a positive experience.
  7. I want to be a part of the tour! How do I sign up?
    First, register and confirm your spot by paying the Program Fee. Don’t forget to email supporting materials for students and artists discounts.  Once your program fee is processed, we will contact you to consult about flights, Visa, activities, and more!  Don’t hesitate to contact our Program Director to ask questions!
  8. Are there any scholarship or payment plans available?
    We currently do not offer scholarships or payment plans for the full cost of the tour.  However, we CAN arrange to reduce program fees for qualified individuals in exchange for administrative support.  Contact our Program Coordinator for more information.