Open Rehearsal Faculty
Linda Kuo, May 1st 2-4pm
Linda Kuo is the Co-founder and director of Dancers Unlimited.  She is trained extensively in a variety of dance styles including Contemporary, House, Hula, Hip Hop, and other street styles.  Her work has been presented on stages in NYC, Hawaii and China, as well as being featured in commercials and corporate performances.

Linda’s class focus is on finding the connection between dances styles, specifically House and Contemporary.  The open rehearsal will challenge dancers of all levels to reflect internally while collaboratively find common grounds through movement.

Michael Garber, May 4th 1-3pm


Michael Garber is the co-founder of TransformOtion.  TransformOtion is a transformative arts company that focuses on the embodiment of the Higher Self through dance and the healing arts.  He studied many styles of dance in NYC as a member of the Steps Repertory Ensemble for 2 years and freelance dance artist for 3 years.  He studied Modern Dance at the University of Utah.  He has been a guest instructor at studios and academies in the USA, Sweden, Israel leading self-empowerment and self-realization workshops using the TransformOtion Method. Michael is a certified yoga instructor and Independent Reiki Master.  He is certified in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique created by Dolores Cannon, a revolutionary past-life regression therapy.

Hara Zi, May 8th 2-4pm

Hara Zi is a dancer, actress, and certified yoga teacher, and strong chess player born in sunny Athens, Greece and currently based in New York City. She began studying Chemical Engineering but soon was captivated by dance and graduated from the Professional Dance School “Anna Petrova” in Athens. After dancing and teaching for a year, she was awarded the Alexander Onassis Public Benefit Foundation Scholarship in 2010 and came to New York to pursue her studies and artistic development at the José Limón Institute. In 2011 she continued her dance training and movement research in New York as a scholar of Attica Tradition Educational Foundation. Some of her favorite credits include BAM Fischer, The Ailey Citigroup Theater, TED Platform in Connecticut and TEDx Athens, Dancespace Project at St Mark’s Church, and INTAR Theater.

Hara loves contemporary dance but also exploring different styles of movement, thinking of the body as an organic instrument with no limits, just expansions. She dances with Rod Rodgers Dance Company and Amanda Spilinga The Company. She is a proud member of Dancers Unlimited since 2014 and is very grateful for the training, mentorship, and inspiration she found in her new artistic family.

Jimbo de Mawu, May 11th 1-3pm

Jimbo is a NYC based performing artist, choreographer, teacher, and fitness trainer. She has a passion for music, performing, creating, and coaching health and fitness. She is an experienced performer ranging in different styles of movement from ballet, hip hop, martial arts, to theater. She has toured all over the world performing and teaching, appeared on national and international TV shows as a guest performer, featured in several music videos, films, and interviews, and also worked extensively with Pilobolus Dance Theater’s main repertoire company from 2009-2014. 

As a performer, she prides herself on being the most versatile mover she can possibly be. She has an extensive background in modern/contemporary dance, and freestyle/improvisation. Jimbo’s movement background is heavily influenced by her eclectic experience in different dance styles ranging from African, Acrobatics, to Ballet and Wushu. In addition to her career as a performing artist, Jimbo has pursued personal training to further her knowledge on how the human body functions. She is passionate about keeping a healthy body and mind to live a longer, healthier, fuller life. She focuses on challenging and balancing the human body, without losing the integrity of form and range of motion. She continually studies different methods and techniques to broaden her spectrum on how to train and heal our bodies.

Jimbo’s talent has been recognized by the National Foundation for the Advancements in the Arts, among other organizations. She was a Level 1 Awards winner and a nominee for the Presidential Scholars in 2002, a recipient of the Semans Art Fund Grant in 2004, the winner of House Dance International in the Experimental category, and she is the founder of DanceArts Fusion Exchange and a co-founder of MAWU.