CYPHER: Homecoming

CYPHER: Homecoming is our latest tour-ready production. CYPHER embraces the dance circle as a place of HUEMan connection, expression and celebration.  It also pays tribute to our ancestors on and off the dance floor, who have connected and empowered us all with dance steps and meaningful movements.

The hour-long production features original music by DJ Maineframe and Nadelle Scott.  A special 10-minute slot has been build into the production to showcase or collaborate with local talents wherever the show is presented.

The finale is choreographed by Sekou Heru, respected House dance pioneer from Dance Fusion NYC and MOPTOP.  Special permission has also been blessed by Grammy-Nominated artist Carolyn Malachi to feature her work “No Time To Waste.”  The production also features costumes painted by NYC artist Kito Kirtley

Join the CYPHER, hear (or watch) our stories, witness our journey and be a part of our community. 

*CYPHER: Homecoming was most recently presented during sold-out performances at Oahu Fringe Festival (January 10-13, 2019) and The Mark O’Donnell Theater at Actors Fund Arts Center (March 1st & 2nd, 2019).