Club Heads

Club Heads investigates the soulful side of dancing, and our kinetic and spiritual connection with each other as we dance.  The movements are inspired by the street style and club dance scenes in NYC, specifically dance parties where dancers gather and cypher: Funkbox NYC, Behind The Groove, Soul Summit, Cielo and much more.  A surprising and energizing combination of House, Voguing, Hip Hop and Contemporary dances, Club Heads explores how dancers communicate through letting loose and redefining ourselves on the floor.

Club Heads was first created in addition to our Essence of Hawaii repertoire, for touring purpose with EDM DJ company, A Room Of House. The choreography was performed in Shanghai as an opening performance for DJ Johnny Yono and DJ Jamaster A.

The full repertoire has been performed in NYC:
Summer Free Dance Series at Salvatore LaRussa Dance Theatre (2012)
Translation at Dixon Place (2012)

Length: 15 minutes

Choreographers: Chase Lihilihi, Linda Kuo & Amanda Spilinga


DUNYC Fall 2015 Montage from Dancers Unlimited on Vimeo.