New Work for Summer 2017

New Work for Summer 2017

We are excited to announce TWO new work we will debut this summer!

Time And Again
Time and Again reflects upon human conditions and humanity. We will imagine what our collective future will look like in a thousand years. The multimedia production will include short film, interactive visual art, dance and original music / soundtrack (including recorded speaking voices from youths). The projects embraces humanities at its best and its worst, while using our youths inspiration for a future that we want to preserve for them. We also want to inspire our audience to remember the resilience, innocence, faith and love that are innate to humanity. Each show will encourage audience member to “adopt a seed” – where a seed will be planted in a planter dedicated to a nonprofit organization. The seed adoption proceed will go toward the designated nonprofit. We are hoping to supper 5-6 nonprofit organizations through the work.  We will continue to document the growth of the seeds after the season as a symbol of resilience and hope.

Collaborator: We have partnered with Infinite Advocates for original music and sound clips.


RSVP Now: Summer Pre-Season Open Rehearsal

RSVP Now: Summer Pre-Season Open Rehearsal

DUNYC The Company invites professional and aspiring dancers to our open rehearsals. The goal of our open rehearsals is to share our vision and training with our community, and providing a network for dancers to connect.

Dancers from open rehearsals have been invited to perform with our company in the past.  Some of our current company dancers were also scouted from our open rehearsals.

All open rehearsals are pay-as-you-can donations classes.  ALL proceeds go to the teaching faculty.  Space is limited; RSVP strongly recommended.

About Our Faculty

Click On Dates To Register below (no payment required at registration):
May 1, 2-4pm @ Studio A, Mark Morris Dance Center
Faculty: Linda Kuo, Director & Choreographer
Styles: Contemporary & House & More

May 4, 1-4pm @ Studio B, Mark Morris Dance Center
Faculty: 1-3pm Michael James Garber, 3-4pm Linda Kuo
Styles: Contemporary & Choreography Lab

May 8, 2-4pm @ ICF, Mark Morris Dance Center
Faculty: Hara Zi
Style: Contemporary & Yoga Fusion

May 11, 1-4pm @ Studio B, Mark Morris Dance Center
Faculty: DU Staff & Jimbo de Mawu
Styles: Floorwork

Online Tickets For reasonsLegacy 2

Online Tickets For reasonsLegacy 2

This fall, DUNYC presents its 2nd reasonsLegacy performance, featuring socially and culturally conscious choreography by 10 choreographers. Live music performances will
be presented by Infinite Advocate.

DUNYC The Company will also be debuting its new work “Leave Your Words Here: A Conversation About Social Issues.”

Featured Choreographers:
Britt Brown, Chun Chua, Chieh Hsiung, Sara Panayiotou, Blyth Smith, Titilayo Majoyeobe, Christina Cocomotion James, Amanda Spilinga, Gina Montalto, Linda Kuo & DUNYC

Tickets: $20 door or $15 online *(through October 28, 2016)

*ONLINE PURCHASE: guests have the opportunity to dedicate a portion of your ticket purchase to a choreographer of your choice. Please enter a choreographer’s name as the discount code at check-out.


reasonsLegacy 2 Artists Submission

reasonsLegacy 2 Artists Submission

reasonsLegacy 1 from Dancers Unlimited on Vimeo.


reasonsLegacy is returning after our sold-out show in April!  Join us for the 2nd exchange for the community, featuring a pre-season exchange, collaboration, discussion, and community workshops.

reasonsLegacy 2 invites emerging and mid-career choreographers, musicians, and filmmakers / visual artists to showcase socially meaningful work! Artists selected should have the following qualities:

  • interest in exploring human connections through performing and/or visual arts
  • flexibility and open-mindedness toward collaboration
  • eagerness to create meaningful dialogues & socially positive impact through your craft
  • ability to commit to reasonsLegacy2 Artists Exchange pre-season and mid-season, which will include one open rehearsal to teach your choreography to dancers from other performing companies, as well as new dancers who are interested in joining the show

Important Dates: 
August 27, 2016 – Season Preview & Exchange, 3-6:30pm @ Mark Morris Dance Center Duffy Theatre
October 29, 2016 – reasonsLegacy 2 Showcase, 6pm @ Mark Morris Dance Center Duffy Theatre

What you receive:
Ticket sales %, high-resolution photos, and professional quality video

Application Submission Deadline: August 13, 2016
*we are no longer accepting choreographer submissions for reasonsLegacy 2.  Please contact us directly for music and art submissions.


reasonsLegacy [work in progress]

reasonsLegacy [work in progress]

reasonsLegacy is our latest work in progress for our 4th season in NYC. The work contains reflections from our dancers as they explore and define their personal legacies, while exploring the cultural legacies of dance.

reasonsLegacy involves original music, art work, journaling & discussions, and cultural exploration of NYC’s heritage dance “Harlem Swing / Lindy Hop.”

As a part of our exploration, we have been taking Swing Dance classes at Harlem Swing Dance Society! Here’s a snippet of a class with our fabulous teachers. More videos to come!

Bboy In Shanghai World Finals 2015

Bboy In Shanghai World Finals 2015

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We are back in Shanghai for Battle In Shanghai!

Hawaii’s own Bboy Joshskittle, winner of our Hawaii qualifier, will be entering the World Finals in Shanghai for the 2nd time!

This year, DU teams up with The World Collaboration Project and Altruglobal in Shanghai to empower communities using the values of HIP HOP: “Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun.” Stay tuned for our outreach and battle videos!

Special Thank You:
Bboy In Shanghai & US Embassy Shanghai

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