Americano (originally named “Heart of Streetz”) was created for the USA Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo in 2010.  The storyline follows a budding dancer as he travels from East to West Coast to learn street style dances.  In NYC, he is taught bronx-style salsa and breakin’, while being inspired by Kungfu.  In the West Coast, he encounters Locking and Waacking.  He overcomes adversities by learning from the past and working collectively with others.  Americano embodies the American spirit of racial diversity and collective unity.  The performance pays tribute to the social and cultural influences of Hip Hop and street dances, while showcasing unity in diversity.

Artistic Director: Anthony Cardona
Choreographers: Anthony Cardona, Jessica Chen, Brent Koki, Michael “Duo” Terrell

Length: 30 minutes


Excerpt from Shanghai World Expo performance
Dancers: Jessie Ohera-Aweau, Christian “Lucid” Calderon, Anthony Cardona, Jessica Chen, Brandi Chun, Brent Koki, Linda Kuo, and Michael “Duo” Terrell