New Work for Summer 2017

We are excited to announce TWO new work we will debut this summer!

Time And Again
Time and Again reflects upon human conditions and humanity. We will imagine what our collective future will look like in a thousand years. The multimedia production will include short film, interactive visual art, dance and original music / soundtrack (including recorded speaking voices from youths). The projects embraces humanities at its best and its worst, while using our youths inspiration for a future that we want to preserve for them. We also want to inspire our audience to remember the resilience, innocence, faith and love that are innate to humanity. Each show will encourage audience member to “adopt a seed” – where a seed will be planted in a planter dedicated to a nonprofit organization. The seed adoption proceed will go toward the designated nonprofit. We are hoping to supper 5-6 nonprofit organizations through the work.  We will continue to document the growth of the seeds after the season as a symbol of resilience and hope.

Collaborator: We have partnered with Infinite Advocates for original music and sound clips.