Online Tickets For reasonsLegacy 2

This fall, DUNYC presents its 2nd reasonsLegacy performance, featuring socially and culturally conscious choreography by 10 choreographers. Live music performances will
be presented by Infinite Advocate.

DUNYC The Company will also be debuting its new work “Leave Your Words Here: A Conversation About Social Issues.”

Featured Choreographers:
Britt Brown, Chun Chua, Chieh Hsiung, Sara Panayiotou, Blyth Smith, Titilayo Majoyeobe, Christina Cocomotion James, Amanda Spilinga, Gina Montalto, Linda Kuo & DUNYC

Tickets: $20 door or $15 online *(through October 28, 2016)

*ONLINE PURCHASE: guests have the opportunity to dedicate a portion of your ticket purchase to a choreographer of your choice. Please enter a choreographer’s name as the discount code at check-out.